Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas Carol

Hi everyone!
I finally have some pictures to post for you guys. We had a busy week AGAIN; go figure! : ) Let's see, pretty much the same stuff, except we also attended auditions for music man. We have call-backs tonight. I also have my piano recital this evening. Kent is trying to finish up this semester at school. He had a presentation yesterday. He did really well. He's doing his project on LASIK eye surgery. It's really cool, but scary! I'm glad I'm not the one in charge. We've had a lot of cold/flu going around this past week. We're struggling to keep everyone well. Brigham missed almost the whole week of pre-school and church on Sunday. We're preparing for our Ward Christmas Program, which is in two weeks. We've learned all the music, but we need to refine and rehearse. Only one week left to practice! I'm trying to remain calm, cool, and collected.
I hate call-backs. There's always so much competition. I just want to sing and make people happy. : ) I'll let you know how it turns out. Wish us luck! Uggh. Over a hundred people auditioned. Okay, anyway, it'll be fine no matter what. Focus, focus, focus ! : )

Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving Week

Hey guys:
So, this week was fun, busy, fun, busy . . .We had a rehearsal or performance every night, except for Thanksgiving. We are sure tired. We had Naquai's family over for Thanksgiving day and that was fun. I cooked the turkey and yams on Wednesday and the rest of the meal on Thursday. How to people do it all in one day with only one oven? Anyway, I was proud of myself, because I made the stuffing from scratch this year, instead of using the box, which is very fast! It turned out well, though. I'll probably do it again, maybe even as soon as next Thanksgiving! We ate and laughed and played games. I, obviously, need to find a more politically correct name for the little playschool people. I told Jaedon to "go get the little fat girl and her tractor." I thought Naquai was going to die; she was laughing so hard. That's just what I call them. (Little fat dragon, little fat farmer, little fat tractor, etc. ) It's not meant as an insult, they're just short fat little people! : )
We opened Scrooge on Friday night. It was a good audience and everyone did well, especially for being nervous. I don't really get nervous anymore. That's really nice, because I really thought I'd never get over my nerves on stage. Practice, I guess. Jaedon did really well, as did Kent. I was proud of Jaedon for not freezing. This was his first time with a solo in front of a full audience. He did great. Jaedon and I will be auditioning for Music Man this weekend. It looks like a really fun show to be in. Kent is opting out of this one; just too busy!
Saturday, we went to our niece, Summer's, wedding. It was lovely and she seems very happy. : ) Sunday, we went to our niece, Alyse's, missionary farewell. She is going to serve a spanish-speaking mission in San Antonio, TX, I believe. She is very excited and well prepared. She's going to be an awesome missionary. We'll miss seeing her for awhile, though. : (
I have some of our family portraits in, but not the cd, which is the most convenient way for me to post. Otherwise, I have to scan, etc., so hopefully this next week I can post them for you. Hope you all have an awesome week!