Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Theatre Bugs


So I started doing theatre in High School. I stopped after I got married. It took a lot of time, I was new to the area, I was having kids, etc., etc., etc. A couple of years ago I got up the nerve to audition for Seussical and the Terrace Plaza Playhouse up in Washington Terrace, UT, which is next to Ogden. I got in and I haven't stopped doing plays since. My middle son, Jaedon, loved Seussical and was sad that he didn't get to audition with me. So, the very next show I found with little kid parts, Babes in Toyland, I brought him to audition with me. He played "Little Boy Blue" and I played "Mother Goose." He was bitten by the theatre bug and now he's either hanging out at the theatre with me or doing a show. I talked my husband, Kent, into auditioning for My Fair Lady, he played the Hungarian linguist, Zoltan Karpathy. Now he's been bitten too. We're all three going to do Scrooge, A Christmas Carol this year together. My youngest, Brigham, is still a little bit small to come play with us, but probably by next year he'll be able to do it. He really wants to! Our oldest, Zachary, loves to watch theatre, which is good for the rest of us, because we need a good audience. Anyway, it's funny how one decision can inspire and create in others something they never knew was there. : )

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