Monday, October 27, 2008

Last Week

Hi again!
So, last week was busy. (That statement is going to get old, so let's just assume that it is always busy around here. : ) ) So, we rehearsed Christmas Carol last week. It's going really well. I worked at Hunt Mysteries. That went well. I went to "Freaky Friday," which is where a bunch of us girls at the church get together and do crafts and stuff. I learned all about scrapbooking on the computer and I am totally jazzed. I really need to get caught up. Kent worked his head off at work and school, as usual. Zachary had his first band concert ever. It was a really cute "Halloween" themed concert. He played really well. The band director and all of the students came in concert. I tried to upload the video, but I'm still a little bit behind in all of these "new" features on the computer/internet. (hope I'm not alone on that : )) On Sunday, Brigham turned 5 years old. He had a nice day. Naquai and Michael's family came up for dinner and we listened to funny stuff on Naquai's mp3. I thought Kent was going to wet his pants. It was really funny. Brigham got a Batman/Joker action figure set. They both have little weapons that really shoot. He also got the Batmobile and Naquai and family gave him a light saber. He had a Yoda cake. He didn't go to bed until after Midnight. He told us, "I'm five, and it's my birthday, so I can stay up as long as I want!" We caved. Unfortunately, his runny nose has turned into a full blown cold today, so I guess that wasn't the best decision ever. Anyway, it was a fun week!

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crack'n up ourselves said...

YOur kids are so cute! You really are busy. I am so glad you seem to be having a great life.