Monday, November 3, 2008

Hi again!
Okay, so this week we had lots of fun. We went to the annual "Trunk or Treat" that our church puts on. The kids trick or treat in the parking lot (car trunks). I didn't get a picture of Brigham or Jaedon's costumes, but I'll make them dress up again so you can all see. Brigham went as "Santa Claus." He was so excited with the big belly. He said, "Look Mom, I'm finally fat!" Of all things to wish for, right? : ) Jaedon went as "Ryan" from High School Musical. He's your typical theatre-rock star. I worked with Hunt Mysteries Thursday and Saturday. I will miss hanging out with my friends there. I posted a picture of Sheri and I. We have been in shows together before and she's alot of fun. She thought it was funny to "attack" me with her clown make-up after each show. My friend, Alisha, said that I looked like I'd been in a fight with a birthday cake and lost. : ) On Friday, the boys all went to "Frightmares." That is a special Halloween event that our local theme park puts on every October. There are haunted houses and trick or treating alleys in addition to the usual rides, etc. They had a lot of fun and the lines were extremely short, so they were able to ride everything they wanted to in the few hours they had there. I went to a show in Salt Lake, put on by the same company, "Hunt Mysteries." The cast had been invited as their guests to see the show. (Free dinner and a show? . . . Let me think about it . . . : ) ) It was fun, even though we got lost on the way there and on the way back. Saturday we had rehearsal for Scrooge and then we had family pictures, which I will be posting soon. We hired a local photographer who works with the Terrace playhouse that we "play" at. She is really good. We took a ton of pictures and we get to purchase the cd of them, so I can have rights to post, print, etc. anything I want. I'm very excited. It's not something you can afford all the time, so I told the boys to play nice and look good. You're going to be looking at the pictures every day for about 4 years. : ) Sunday we had a couple of sick kids, so Kent and I took turns being at church. I only had to lead in sacrament meeting, so I went home after that. Kent stayed to work with the Young Men and such. Then he went to see our niece, Janna's, little baby "Grace." He took a picture. She's beautiful. After that, we had dinner and watched "Saturday's Warriors." It's a really old church film about the importance of families, etc. It's very cheesy, but it's a musical and we all enjoyed it. Anyway, there's the high-lights of our week. Enjoy!

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R.A. said...

I was really excited to see your comments on facebook and then learn about your blog. Your family looks wonderful and it's great that you are enjoying theater again! I love your blog!