Monday, November 10, 2008

Hello again!
This week we rehearsed for Scrooge. It's going good still. Jaedon did the cutest thing. We were pantomiming, because we aren't using our props yet. Scrooge handed Jaedon a toy train. After they finished the scene and were going to do it again, Jaedon handed the "train" back to Scrooge so he could give it to him again. It was precious and very much "staying in the moment." I was very proud of him. It's fun to watch Kent jumping around as Fezziwig. He's such a serious guy most of the time. He's a cutie.
Our week was pretty normal as far as work, school, plays, etc. Our weekend was awesome! Zachary's girlfriend, Rachel, is a ballerina in a professional company here in Ogden. She had a ballet on Friday night and we all went. It was so fun! Their repetoire is very eclectic. They did all sorts of different dances and to different styles of music. All of the kids enjoyed it, except perhaps, Brigham. He played with his Indiana Jones action figures mostly and "accidentally" wet his pants while he was sitting in my lap. : ( Luckily it wasn't very much and I was only mildly grossed out. On Saturday night, we went to the Symphony. ( I don't seem to be able to spell today. Sorry!) Rachel's mother, who happens to be in our ward, is one of the top two violinist in a symphony. We went to hear them play. She gets free tickets and she knows we love to come, so she gets us some. : ) They were incredible. They played one of my very favorite pieces as the finale. "The Moldeau" by Smetna. I've never heard it live and it was amazing.
On Sunday, we went to church and choir practice. Kent was able to take a long deserved nap and I worked on writing the Christmas program. I'm not done yet, but I know where it's going. Zachary gave us the lesson for family night. It was about strengthening families and then we played scrabble. It's nice that the kids are getting old enough to play games with us. We gave up years back, because it was too frustrating to have the pieces thrown about during a game. : ) Anyway, it was fun. That's our week!


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Janna said...

Your blog is cute. I love the adress. It's good to hear how things are going.