Monday, November 24, 2008

Weird Science

Hi everyone!
This week was al0t of rehearsals. We open Friday night, so yeah! Brigham came to rehearsal on Saturday with us. He had a great time playing with everyone there. We were there from 9am to 4pm.
Kent had a monster test at school and is glad that this particular class is almost over. It's a really hard class. (fiber optics) He also had to learn how to skip and jump around and be silly for his Fezziwig character. It's very different from how he is used to behaving. : )
Jaedon did well with all of the stress last week. He had the science fair in addition to all of his other activities. He mentioned the science fair a month ago and asked me not to help or offer ideas. I didn't. I honestly thought he'd decided not to do it. 48rs before the fair, he comes to me in a panic, "Mom, the science fair is in two days!" I obviously, gave in and decided to help him out. We proved that triangles are stronger shapes than squares by building trusses with each shape and then putting weight on them. It was pretty fun. We built them out of toothpicks and a hot glue gun. : ) He won second place. He was pretty happy with that. I spent $20 on the project. He won $15. I didn't get any of it! (He He) He learned alot and really had fun, so it's worth it. He used his money to go see High School Musical 3 with Brig and Dad on Saturday evening.
Zachary and I went to see Twilight on Sat. night. We both enjoyed it, because we'd read the books. Although, we didn't like the action scenes and it could have used better editing. The actors, however, did an amazing job interacting with one another and it was very believeable that way. Such pretty people!
I am glad last week is over, because I was way too busy and that makes me very grumpy. : ( Hopefully we'll survive this week too!)


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