Monday, November 17, 2008

Wild Week

Hello again!
This was a wild week. We were very busy with school, work, etc. I lost my voice almost completely and had a few very uncomfortable rehearsals for Scrooge. : ( We will start run-throughs tomorrow of the entire show and that will be fun. I finally have my voice back. I haven't tried to sing yet, though. I am scared to push it. I'll probably do a few vocal warmups this evening and see how it goes. Those coldeeze drops really seem to work.
I'm totally into facebook now, which can be time consuming. I try to limit myself to 3o min. a day. : ) It's really fun to catch up with your friends all at once. Anyway, Kent and I flew to Texas on Thursday and stayed through Sunday afternoon. It was fun to visit with my parents, grandparents, sister, etc. We slept in way too much. I guess that's what you do on vacation at this stage of life! (What do you want to do today? . . .sleep!) We visited with my Grandma Horn on Friday afternoon, went to dinner with Granny and Granddad, Aunt Dot, Mom, Aunt Judy, and Kami that night. The next day we had lunch with Grandma Horn, Mom, Dad, and Kami, visited for the afternoon, and then we had dinner with Granny and Granddad, etc. The next morning we had to get up early, : ( , drove to the airport and started home. We met up with Becky and her family at the airport in Dallas. We had just enough of a layover to go have some lunch and visit with her family for a bit. Then we went back to the airport, flew home, picked up the boys, had dinner and started un-packing. Everyone was asleep by 10:00 pm. So, hopefully we can catch up on whatever we missed the last four days. It's been a very quick week. I still don't have the family pictures we took. Sorry! We'll post them as soon as we have them! Love to all!


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